I can't stand this place anymore.

The front page commenters are spineless nerds with big mouths hiding behind a keyboard. The commenting is difficult at best to wade through. One post will get 400 replies, all the same thing, 'cause nobody reads the other comments. Then you have 400 ass bassoons laughing through their nose at you and snorting a reply that they never would have the balls to do in person. If it's not that, it's the blatantly offensive posts from burners hiding behind anonymity. This is fucking high school again. I moved beyond this 17 years ago.

I have yet to have a "quality discussion" on the front page since the commenting changed where I'm not constantly swatting down arguments that change the subject, project false positions, laugh at me or just dismiss everything I say in a personal attack. Why everyone is so angry, I don't know but they really gotta cool their jets.

The quality of the participation experience has gone through the floor here. Denton didn't change anything about commenting on the Internet. He just enabled Reddit or Slashdot style dogpiles of self-assured idiots sharing a common ideal to beat down and berate anyone who doesn't agree with them. Half of them are probably losers with verified accounts and any number of burner accounts posting to their own posts just so it looks like someone cares and/or supports their point of view.

That and the lack of participation in oppositelock makes it hard to find a reason to visit this site more than once or twice a day.

I'm not really bitching about that last part. Just observations about how much things have changed. I used to keep Jalopnik open on a browser window and just click Refresh every so often to see what else was going on. Now I'll check it 2, maybe 3 times a day with days like yesterday where something interested me enough to deal with the bullshit being a rarity anymore.


Thanks Nick Denton. You killed the fun and shitted up the place good. Hope you're happy and this is what you wanted.